Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Summer Sun

Hi Guys and thanks for checking out my blog, I am new to the blogging world so hopefully I don't make too many mistakes while I'm trying to work it out!

At present I am on holidays in Queensland and have had some warm weather which is very nice as at home although it's summer its been feeling like winter. This has been particularly annoying as I have purchased all these cute summer outfits and have been forced to leave them in my wardrobe and stick with my winter jumpers and jeans. So I was very happy when I got to take out my summer purchases and finally remove the tags from them and wear them.

Most of my clothing is quite relaxed and laid back with lots of neutral colours like blacks, whites, navy,  pale blues and greys. I have tired to embrace pastel colours a lot more this season and also tried to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe, i am especially loving animal prints at present. For my outfit i wore my favorite jumpsuit which i purchased from Topshop. I love it so much because it is really flowy and comfortable and i like the green in it (see trying to expand my colours). I have paired it with a white wide brim sunhat which I picked up from Target on sale and my Windsor Smith Lily sandals which I am obsessed with right now as they are so comfortable and make any outfit instantly look better. I have these in black also which I love wearing with jeans, a plain grey t-shirt, vans or converses and a long necklace in the colder months or a cute dress in the summer months to add some edge to my outfit.
Here are some pics of my outfit which is easygoing and relaxed and perfect for a sunny day down the street with friends or just as cute staple summer outfit.

Thanks for reading xxx